Covered Call Calculator You Need a Covered Call Calculator to Maximize Profits!

The only items you must enter are initial prices, dates, symbols, number of contracts, support, and stop limit. Everything else is automatic!

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*The calculator is an Excel Document*

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Once you purchase my covered call calculator through the secure website PayPal, you will be directed to download two files IMMEDIATELY after clicking on the "Return to Merchant" box.

  1. Excel spreadsheet containing covered call calculator. This requires Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 in order to get the automatic updates
  2. Detailed Instruction File

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"I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I just purchased your covered call calculator and find it to be a valuable tool in tracking covered calls and rollout/rollover options! I've just started trading in the covered call arena and have a lot to learn, but this tool has greatly improved my knowledge of options to limit downside or lock in a gain."
John Long

If you do not have Excel, there are multiple freeware versions of spreadsheet software, but unfortunately they are not able to pull stock prices. The ones I recommend are gnumeric and The Open Source Project.

Google released web-based spreadsheet software that DOES automatically update the stock data, but unfortunately, not the option data. This will open all Excel Files, but not all functions will work.


Utilize my covered call calculator to MAXIMIZE profits in any covered call trading system!

Any Covered Call trader understands that covered calls can be a difficult system to manage - but once managed appropriately it can be extremely profitable earning 3-5% per month in even the worst market conditions.

But in order MAXIMIZE PROFITS to the fullest - you need a tool to assist you in making all of your decisions.  That is why you need my Covered Call Calculator - keep reading to see why...

What my covered call calculator provides…

  • Returns if flat and if called out
  • Returns at the current prices of the stock and option
  • Shows a roll-over option for rolling up, down, or out
  • Downside protection percentage and % ITM and OTM

Warns you when…

  • The stock is below the breakeven
  • The stock is below the support
  • Stock > strike for OTM
  • Stock < strike for ITM

Guides you on how to set a STOP LOSS

  • Calculates break even point
  • Enter support and your STOP limit
  • Calculates amount drops from support to the STOP and the amount lost if you are STOPPED out (approximation)
  • Calculates total percentage lost in your trading account if you are STOPPED out. Very useful for position sizing (approximation)


It Provides Even More...

  • Multiple fundamental analysis figures
  • Shows how much initial, final, and change percentage in the time value of the option you sold (very useful)
  • Has a box to enter the industry so you can make sure your covered call strategy is well diversified.
  • Data on three major indices
  • Option to show all calculations taking into account trading costs. All you have to do is enter in once how your brokerage's fee structure works and the rest is automatic.
  • Overall cost basis, current cost, and gain for that covered call position
  • Calculates the percentage each position encompasses in your overall trading account
  • Gives you an amount to set an automatic LIMIT CREDIT order to lock in a specified profit percentage if your position moves favorably.

Automatically updates the current price of the stock and option

  • This requires internet connection (obviously), Office 2003, or 2007, and if you like - MSN Money Stock Quotes Add-in (free).
  • If unable to install add-in (a firewall), the program updates via a web query.

What my covered call calculator DOES NOT provide…

  • This is not some magical product where you will start making 400% a year like many of these ridiculous websites claim. A well performed covered call strategy will get 3-5% PER MONTH. (Which is still WAY more that the standard 8-12% PER YEAR in the stock market)
  • This provides RAW returns. It does not take into account margin.
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If you Google "covered call calculator", you get a lot of other calculators, some are even free. This is why mine is better...
  1. They do not update prices automatically
  2. They only provide a small amount of extra data or irrelevant data
  3. They can not store all your various positions
  4. They have the ability to calculate based on margin which they shouldn't (I say this because this manipulates the data and changes the information you need to make decisions). Additionally, most of these assume 100% margin to equity ratios which is silly
  5. The nicer ones are part of a monthly service fee (which I assure you is greater than my price to own the calculator permanently) which usually includes some sort of magical pre-screened covered call selections (pay the $35/month for OptionMonitor)
  6. Mine has the ability to take into account trading costs

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